Nagla Samir

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Forgotten Voices
Boys & Toys


100 x 70 cm
100 x 70 cm
100 x 70 cm
100 x 70 cm
100 x 70 cm

Work based on previous series of "Forgotten Voices" 2007. Depicting the value of a toy for children, as a group of boys pause dearly clutching to their toy camels, horses, tigers, roosters, and surprisingly dolls.

Subjects were digitally separated, isolated on a virtual background, from a group school picture dating back to 1924.

It must be the unspoken and hidden statement under social and cultural pressure, a maneuver to veil by assumption, yet reveal beyond exposure!

Perfect beings are manifested, and wings cover most of the figure while maintaining the original form that is gracefully beautiful yet seductive. The wings are those of a locust, an insect known to invade in massive numbers, consuming all and leaving damage and infertility in its wake.

City Scape is the master piece, City Scape 2x2 refers in its structure to the Ancient Egyptian concept of repetition in displaying perfection.

Both were part of the "Undercurrent" Egyptian Contemporary Art Show, Artsawa, Dubai, U.A.E.