Nagla Samir

Curational Projects

The Choice/ Al Ekhtiyar


Corporate Graphic Design by Ahmed Foula

Co-curated by Ahmed Foula and Nagla Samir.

"Roto" is an art project aiming at producing short films based on "Rotoscoping" ; an animation technique, based on frame-by- frame tracing and image manipulating of pre-recorded live-action film images, in artists' own stylistic techniques, thus resulting in a unique visual effect.

Inspired by "The Choice" movie, a revolutionary movie, considered among the milestones of the 70s Egyptian cinema.. Directed by Youssef Shahin, who was strongly concerned with the visual composition of the scenes in an avant-garde manner, fit for his daring representation of social and cultural controversy, and his open tackling of taboo issues.

The project joined forces of experienced artists in the fields of visual arts, audio art, and performance, leading a team of 11 selected young artists through a set of workshops and discussion sessions, aiming at capturing the essence of "The Choice", finding a point of interest, then reconstructing individual projects in reference to the scenes of the original movie, produced in own artistic style.

Workshops were directed by Performer Shereen El Ansary, Audio artist Magdi Mostafa, in collaboration with Video artist Sherief El Azama, and Film director Islam Kamal. The films were first displayed as the premiere show inaugurating "Mequiace Khan" Art Space,Cairo, Egypt. Then toured Turin, Italy- Bratislava, Slovakia- Prague, Czech Republic- and Dublin, Ireland.

List of participating artists and their films:

1- Ahmad Mohsen, Confession- 2:35 min.
2- Ahmad Sabry, By The River- 3:13 min.
3- Amr Quenawy, Tinnitus- 1:15 min.
4- Amro Thabet, Platform- 1:43 min.
5- Hend Nawar, 179/181- 1:19 min.
6- Menna Mostafa, This is my 1st Death- 1:51 min.
7- Mohammad Abdelkarim, Erotic Product- 1:26 min.
8- Nina Elgebaly, OCD- 9:47 min.
9- Nivine Farghaly, No More- 1:15 min.
10- Shereen Elbaroudy, At Lunch- 1:48 min.
11- Shereen Lotfy, Strange Zone- 1:30 min.